How To Delete Multiplug Immediately To Protect The PC


What is Multiplug?

Multiplug is classified as adware or Potentially Unwanted Program which can sneak in the system without any prior notifications. It is mostly distributed via free programs, spam emails, pen drives etc. It claims to provide best browsing experience to the users by enabling the advanced tools. Recently, Multiplug has annoyed the users of Windows PC with its malicious activities. In its presence, you will detect fake processes in the task manager or at different locations of the system. Moreover, it will also add some suspicious extensions in the installed browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE etc. It can boost the CPU usage which can affect the running speed of the system functions including Internet connection, Thus, do not ignore Multiplug for long time in the system.

In the presence of Multiplug, users will have difficulty in their online session. It carries ability to re-route the Google, Yahoo or Bing search results of the users to malignant pages and floods the screen with annoying pop ups or advertisements. It convince the users to install the freewares and in the meanwhile, it will install more hazardous threats in the system. Furthermore, it will also keep its eyes on your online habits and tries to gain the credential information with illegal aim. Therefore, if you don’t want to pay heavy penalty in future then remove Multiplug as early as possible.


Manual Method To Remove Multiplug:-

Step 1: Restart the system and tap F8 key simultaneously. From Windows advanced option, you need to select “Safe Mode With Networking” option.

Step 1 (2)

Step 2: Identify the malicious files, folders, icons and shortcuts created by the Multiplug and remove them from the different locations of the PC.

Step 2

Step 3: Open Registry Editor by typing “regedit” in the Run box. Select the fake entries created by the threat and click on Remove option.


Step 4: Open Task Manager by press Alt+Ctrl+Del keys. Go to Processes tab. You will find lots of running processes. Select the fake process and click on End Task button.

Step 4

Step 5: Click on Start Button and select Control Panel -> Programs -> Uninstall a Program. Select all the suspicious programs and click on Uninstall option.

Control Panel

How To Remove Multiplug Automatically?

If you are unable to follow the manual steps then you are advised to make use of Free Multiplug Scanner. It is an automatic tool which is capable to perform deep scanning in the system by using powerful algorithms and mechanisms. This software provides optimum protection to the PC against all types of threats including spywares, malwares, trojans, adware, rootkits etc. Thus, you can download the software to protect your system from further troubles.


User Guide To Use Multiplug Scanner:-

Step 1: Initially, install the software in your PC. Click on “Scan Computer Now” option to start the scanning process.

Scan Computer

Step 2: Custom Scan feature will help you to scan a specific location of the system.

Custom Scan

Step 3: If you need any technical support while using the software then you can contact to “Spyware HelpDesk” of the tool.

Spyware Help desk

Step 4: Network Sentry feature is used to protect the system on networks. It will not allow the third party hackers to access your PC.

Network senetary

Step 5: It also comes with “System Guard” feature which is used to protect the Registry, Process Control and Active X Control.

System Guard

Step 6: This tool is capable to perform automatic scanning in the system with the help of “Scan Scheduler” option at pre-set time even without the users interference.

Scan Schedular